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About us :: Structure and documents




Chapter I


Art.1 /1/ The name of the Association is BULGARIAN FAMILY PLANNING AND SEXUAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION /BFPA/, hereinafter called”The Association”.
 /2/ The Association is a legal body with Headquarters in Sofia and units in the country.
 /3/ The Association unites individuals who are interested in carrying out activities in the field of family planning and sexual and reproductive health.
 /4/ The Association is a voluntary, independent public non-profit organisation, established in accordance with the Law for Non-profit Legal Entities as non-profit legal entity in public benefit.
 /5/ The Association does not create and distribute profit. The organisation shall, only for the purpose of its goals and objectives, search lawful ways for self-financing as follows:
  5.1. Accept donations, grants and other benefits under the conditions of the grantors, only if in accordance with the Statute and the other Program documents of the Association.
  5.2. Implement advertising, media, publishing, educational therapeutic, consultative and any other lawful activities as may be appropriate to raise funds for the Association or to promote its activities, purposes and achievements.
  5.3. Design projects and apply for funding in front of Bulgarian, foreign and international financing agencies and institutions and respectively implement those projects.
  5.4. Carry out any charitable work that may be lawfully undertaken by the Association to accomplish its objectives.
 /6/ The Association is not and shall not be guided by commercial interests.
 /7/ The Association activities shall be in accordance with Bulgarian legislation and shall be subject to the Statutes and the decisions of the General Assembly.
 /8/ The Association may form new units and branches on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.





 /1/ Each capable person more than 18 years old can be member of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association. Membership is full, each member has the right to one vote and can be elected and propose for elections.. 
According to a decision of the Management Board, as per the number of members of the Association and financial resources available, it is allowed not all members to participate at the AGM, and to have representation. Each delegate can represent one member with a proxy. If there is a need, the MB can change the rule and one delegate to represent more than one member of the Association.    
Membership of the Association is full with the exception of paid staff and members under the age of 18 – both do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly, cannot be elected, but paid staff can pay membership fee
All members of the Association should be interested in conducting activities in the field of family planning and sexual health, to share the Association’ goals, to accept and respect its Statutes.
 /2/ The following persons cannot be members of the Association:
- Incapable;
- Judicially disabled;
- Member of judicially disabled legal body;
- Convicted persons with actual sentence 




Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA)


1.BFPA is an organization that is guided by the principles of respecting human rights and the human dignity of all members of society, without exception. BFPA is committed to the human rights’ legal framework, which prohibits any form of discrimination, exclusion or restriction based on racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, health or social status, or personal status (disabilities, pregnancy, parental status, etc.).

2.BFPA recognizes the right to freedom from abuse, exploitation and harassment enshrined in international human rights law, namely: the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and cultural rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. BFPA considers sexual harassment and abuse as a form of gender-based violence.

3.BFPA carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, the legislation of the countries from which it receives funding, as well as the internal rules and regulations of the organization and in accordance with the highest ethical principles of work.

4.In accordance with its vision and values, BFPA is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical behavior among all its volunteers, members and governing bodies, employees and associates  . To aid in better understanding, this Code of Conduct details BFPA's expectations of all those involved in the organization's work.

Purpose and scope

5.This Code aims to define the guiding principles and values applicable to all members, governing bodies, employees, partners and beneficiaries of BFPA. These guiding principles and values must be implemented through the organization's relevant policies and procedures.
6.The Code of Conduct is part of BFPA's commitment to provide the best possible environment for those who provide services and those who participate in BFPA's services and activities.
7.The purpose of this Code is to enable greater individual accountability by providing clear guidance on what is expected of BFPA volunteers, members and governing bodies, employees and associates when carrying out tasks or activities related to the work of BFPA.
8.The Code of Conduct applies to all volunteers, members of the organization, members of the Management Board, employees and collaborators of the organization (on a permanent employment contract, on fixed-term or temporary contracts), as well as to partners, contractors and suppliers.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Strategic plan of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) 2021-2025

I. Introduction


This document represents the Strategic Plan of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) for the period 2021–2025. It has been developed in a three day workshop by the staff of the organization, members of the Board, representatives of local branches, young volunteers, as well as representatives of beneficiaries, partner institutions, organizations and donors currently collaborating with BFPA on different programs and topics. The participants used different interactive methods including working in groups and brainstorming. The strategic Plan was approved at Annual General Meeting of BFPA on June 30 2021.

The Strategic Plan includes Vision, Mission, Values, 5 main outcomes and 10 objectives describing ways to reach them; strategic drivers shortly describing situation and needs in the country, as well as opportunities available and reasons for directing efforts of the organization in a specific field; the identity of BFPA through its vision, mission and values; the directions on each outcome; objectives and implementation strategies; annex on measurement for outcomes and objectives with indicators and expected results.




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Latest news

Presentation of the results of a regional study and recommendations for SRH services in the European Parliament - project "Youth Voices, Youth Choices"

Brussels, October 26, 2022

In the last months of 2022 the partners of the YVYC project, together with experts and young people, developed recommendations for regional policy recommendations for improvement of health and social systems and SRHR services for young people after the Covid 19 pandemic.
The recommendations are targeting decision-makers at international and national institutions.  They were presented in the European Parliament on October 26, 2022 by young advocates and experts, with the support of MEP Fred Matic. Three BFPA representatives - Victoria Nikolova, Venelin Stoychev and Pavlina Filipova participated in the EP meeting.

Training within the framework of the youth-led campaign in the city of Dupnitsa - "Check in advance, don't trust!" The truth stories from the Roma neighborhood"

Dupnitsa, October 15-16, 2022

On October 15th  and 16th 2022 a training "Check in advance, don't trust!" was held on topics how to identify fake news. Participants, including Roma youth (14 and 18 years old),  enriched their knowledge about media and the impact of false information on health services. The training included also photovoice method and  interesting photography techniques. Young people will practice those skills in the upcoming campaign activities.

Youth-led campaign "Health Alarm Clock" in Breznik

Breznik, October 11, 2022

On October 11, 2022, the first of a series of health education information meetings was held with 35 students from 11th and 12th grades of "Vasil Levski" school in Breznik. The event is part of the campaign "Health Alarm Clock" under the "YOUTH VOICES, YOUTH CHOICES" project of BFPA, financed by the” MSD for Mothers” program and organized by the Regional Youth Raise Center with the partnership of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA), Breznik Municipality and the Local Commission for Combating Anti-Social Behavior of Minors.


About us :: Structure and documents