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BFPA podcast



This podcast is developed under the project № 32 / 20.02.2020 "Increasing the capacity of the team, partners and supporters of BFPA in the field of advocacy for SRHR", funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. Creator of the podcast is lawyer Ivana Murdzheva, a longtime supporter of BFPA. The entire responsibility for the content is borne by BFPA and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this material reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Operator of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

How the idea of structuring and normative expression (consolidation) of rights and freedoms arises and develops. History and classification.

Generations of rights according to their origin. Limit of their protection. In which group and when are health and education rights included.

Basic documents related to human rights. Which documents should we know and how to read them? Reading comprehension.

Who can protect our rights. European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Powers

How do we talk about our rights? How meaningful and convincing do we do this? An attempt to chat with Neda and Georgi (17 years old) with unexpected twists.

Sexual and reproductive rights. Where do we begin? A dialogue with Neda and Georgi 
What does 'sexual rights' mean? How brave do we have to be to talk about it? Neda and Georgi
Reproductive rights. Do we understand them correctly? The conversation with Neda and Georgi continues 


Latest news

28 new health mediators from the class of 2022 received their certificates after successfully passing the exam

Sofia, April 29, 2022

On March 21, 2021, the new scholar year was opened for health mediators from all over the country. The training is organized for the eleventh consecutive year by the National Network of Health Mediators and the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University of Sofia. As always, BFPA experts are part of the training team. This year's course includes 28 health mediators, who will start working in May in 22 municipalities in the country.
For the third consecutive academic year, the educational sessions were online due to the still significant prevalence of Covid-19. Against this background, there is a great need for trained health mediators to support the implementation of state and municipal policies for public health. For the past two years, health mediators have been among the professionals working at the forefront and helping people from vulnerable communities by explaining, informing, reassuring, supporting the poorest families, providing donations of food and basic necessities. In many places in the country, health mediators have implemented information campaigns on the benefits of vaccination against covid-19 - this activity still continues at the moment.

Working Conference of LAP and Starting the ‘Eyes Peeled’ Campaign

Sofia, April 18, 2022

On April 18, 2022 in Sofia the National conference of the Learning Action Partnership on zero tolerance towards sexual exploitation of children was held.
About 70 participants from different organizations from NGO sector, state institutions, UN structures, journalists, public figures, professionals working with children and young people in Sofia and the country joined the event.
Representatives of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA), UNICEF and the International Organization of Migration (IOM) presented the LAP key activities during the years, on the global and local context of the problem sexual violence and exploitation concerning political and regulatory decisions, as well on the conditions in safe zones for the unaccompanied children passing through the country.

Migration: risks and opportunities during labor migration in UK

Samokov, March 28, 2022

A team from the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) delivered in Samokov an information session on March 28, 2022 in the “HUB-a” coworking space. Among the participants there representatives of the local Roma community, young people form 11 and 12 grade and their teachers, representatives of the Social services and the Municipality. Pavlina Filipova and Dr. Radosveta Stamenkova talked with the gathered about the opportunities and potential dangers when starting a job in the UK. Dobryana Petkova, a professional with long year practice in prevention of trafficking people, shared with the group on some specific marks to recognize the danger of trafficking people for labor and sexual exploitation. The training team was complemented by Villy Angelova form the British Embassy in Sofia and Ralitza Zgalevska from the BFPA team.


BFPA podcast