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BFPA podcast



This podcast is developed under the project № 32 / 20.02.2020 "Increasing the capacity of the team, partners and supporters of BFPA in the field of advocacy for SRHR", funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. Creator of the podcast is lawyer Ivana Murdzheva, a longtime supporter of BFPA. The entire responsibility for the content is borne by BFPA and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this material reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Operator of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

How the idea of structuring and normative expression (consolidation) of rights and freedoms arises and develops. History and classification.

Generations of rights according to their origin. Limit of their protection. In which group and when are health and education rights included.

Basic documents related to human rights. Which documents should we know and how to read them? Reading comprehension.

Who can protect our rights. European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Powers

How do we talk about our rights? How meaningful and convincing do we do this? An attempt to chat with Neda and Georgi (17 years old) with unexpected twists.

Sexual and reproductive rights. Where do we begin? A dialogue with Neda and Georgi 
What does 'sexual rights' mean? How brave do we have to be to talk about it? Neda and Georgi
Reproductive rights. Do we understand them correctly? The conversation with Neda and Georgi continues 


Latest news

Youth Аdvocacy Тeams for Better Access to Health Services and Information

Banya, August 22-24, 2022

Together with 14 young people from Blagoevgrad, Dupnitsa and Sofia, we worked on implementation of  two campaigns - in Blagoevgrad and Dupnitsa - to support vulnerable communities and improve young people's access to SRH  information and services. The main topics of the training focused on advocacy skills, organizing and conducting local campaigns and how to use “photovoice” method. Examples of already developed campaigns from the previous training in Dolna Banya were also presented.  The idea was to involve new participants in various activities in different locations, as well as to connect young people to help and learn from each other in the process of preparing and implementing advocacy campaigns.
The young people with the help of the health mediators, defined as a problem the poor access to information and health services, ensuring a healthy and fulfilling way of life for the young people from the Roma community in Blagoevgrad. They have the ambition to contribute for raising the public awareness towards these problems in Blagoevgrad, and also to draw the attention of the institutions to the problem.

Young People Working to Support Local Communities

Dolna Banya, July, 11-13, 2022

Talks, questions, sharing about the huge gap between how young people define health care problems and how adults see them; about the lack of trust in the institutions regarding their reaction in cases of violence, even for registered ones! We discussed that deep in our national psychologyit is stated that talking about mental health and "shameful" illnesses is not good, when it happens at all it is hidden, superficial and stigmatizing, and thus leads to dramatic complications for people in personal plan. We also talked about the nuances of "advocacy" and "lobbying."
We from the BFPA team think that we are really lucky for working with a group of wonderful young people - from the youth clubs in Pernik and Breznik and from the American University in Blagoevgrad (AUBG). The workshop was held July 11-13, 2022, in Dolna Banya. Our work topics are advocacy and campaigning.

How Health Knowledge to Get to Roma Communities

Dolna Banya, July 5-7, 2022

After two days fulfilling work on leadership and advocacy with unbelievable roma young people from Lom, Dupnitsa and Byala Slatina problems in respective communities were identified. Discussions in searching the best decisions were led; image of the target groups and stakeholders was created and the needed communication skills on leading a successful campaign were discussed. Role plays, practical cases and individual video presentations with messages were commented.
The health mediators Tanya Kirilova from Lom, Daniela Ljubenova from Dupnitza and Mirena Bocheva from Byala Slatina are real mentors for the young people from the communities they work for. The three of them, together with Dr. Rada Stamenkova, Pavlina Filipova and Ralitsa Zgalevska from BFPA team actively contributed to support the motivated and well-prepared young people, enthusiastic to advocate for better health of people from their communities. In the coming months the team will continue to work on building their capacity as leaders and to help them with expertise and guidelines.


BFPA podcast